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We are excited to share with you pictures from the Miller family’s Portrait Session! Their backyard was the perfect setting for our session, not only do they have a gorgeous view of the mountains and a lush forest, but they also have lots of hiking trails, a park, and the river just a short walk away. It also didn’t hurt that with all of this rainy weather we have been getting, it finally cleared up, and turned out to be a beautiful day just in time for our session!

Generally we encourage families to include some type of prop in the session, and I think the Miller family wins the award for most creative choices I’ve seen … between the Radio Flyer wagon, the cardboard box, a balloon and a yoga ball we certainly got some fun pictures! I particularly appreciated the red Radio Flyer wagon (since I had one growing up), and the cardboard box as everyone loves playing fort when they are younger. I thought it was really funny how the kids wanted to pull each other up the hill in the wagon, and being the dare devils they are, would let go at the top hoping it would go racing down the hill. No worries though, mom and dad were on the other end making sure that they were safe and didn’t get going too fast.

They are such a beautiful family, and I really enjoyed getting to capture their personalities! I hope you enjoy a few pictures from their session!

Charlottesville Family Photographer

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This last picture is just too funny!
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