Family Portrait Photography at Monticello Trail and Park

Mary and Mike were given a Family Portrait Session by Mary’s sister, who took advantage of the Daily Deal! They chose to go up to Monticello Trail and Park with their two year old son Graham for their family pictures. Aaron had never taken pictures there before, and I am so glad they chose it because all the pictures are awesome. There were so many places to get really unique photographs, and plenty of space for Mary, Mike and Graham to play. For example, there were a few really big hollowed out tree trunks placed around the park. Graham explored them first, and then his parents joined him for a neat picture of their family sitting inside the trunk. Mary and Mike love to swing Graham around, and sing kids songs to him, both of which make Graham laugh, which made for some amazing family portraits!
P.S. How incredibly cute are Graham’s curls? He is such a handsome kid!

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  • Kimberli - Aaron, Beautiful. The photos with the tree are stunning. I love the fall colors. Thanks!ReplyCancel