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8 Tips for Inspired Groomswear

pastel and pattered groomswear________P I NSite Image

Jennifer & John’s Wedding at Pippin Hill

Listen up guys! A bride spends hours looking for the perfect dress and we think that groomswear is just as important. You are after all at the end of the aisle and the first person your guests will see. Why not make a statement!  Keep in mind, it is important that you are comfortable and choose clothes that best represent your personal style. Moving from formal to casual options, here are some of the great ways we have seen grooms incorporate unique, personalized details to help you create an outfit that is fun and classy!

1. Tie or Bow-tie? An age old question with no right or wrong answer. Bow-ties are always a fun alternative to the traditional tie and will sure to be a conversation starter. If you opt for the tie, experiment with different types of knots and be bold in your fabric choice. In both instances you can set yourself apart from your groomsman by choosing a different color or pattern. Vineyard Vines offers some great styles similar to the one below!

Vineyard Vines wedding bow ties________P I NSite Image

Shannon & Aaron’s Wedding at King Family Vineyards

2. It is hard to replace the elegance of formal-wear. Tuxedos add an element of class that take your wedding to the highest level of sophistication. This does not mean you can’t make an impression on the dance floor though. Make sure you are comfortable and that you take the time to have your tuxedo tailored so you can dance the night away.

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Becca & Steve’s Wedding at Keswick Hall 

3. Mixing vintage elements, such as a vest, with more modern suit designs create a dynamic streamlined look. Also, adding details like a second pocket to your suit jacket is also a way to make a stylish impression. Plus, we think it’s a perfect place to keep a letter written to you from your bride.

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Amanda & Lowell’s Wedding at Pippin Hill

4. Not everything has to be the same color to create a cohesive look. Experiment with choosing suits that are in the same color family but are in different shades. When standing during the ceremony this will create a subtle gradient that will be visually interesting.

suit jacket inspiration________P I NSite Image

Tara & Harris’ Wedding at King Family Vineyards

5. A light-colored suit is a perfect option for a Spring or Summer wedding. You will stay cooler throughout the day and they are perfect for pairing with bold colors. If you are expecting an exceptionally warm (i.e. HOT) wedding day, have extra shirts and undershirts available for and you and your groomsmen.

Summer groom attire________P I NSite Image

Leslie & Ben’s Wedding at Clifton Inn

6. Looking for a laid-back yet put-together feel for a Summer wedding? Replace shoes with flip-flops and do away with the tie.

informal groomswear________P I NSite Image

Amanda & Matt’s Wedding at Pippin Hill

7. Brightly colored socks and unique cuff-links are a perfect finishing touch to any suit. This is a perfect opportunity to have a little fun (especially if there are mustaches and dinosaurs involved). They are an easy way to customize your wedding and also double as a great functional gifts for groomsmen!

groomsman socks________P I NSite Image

Tara & Harris’ Wedding at King Family Vineyards

Dinosaur cufflinks for grooms________P I NSite Image

Sam & Greg’s Wedding at Keswick Vineyards

8. You may have heard of the off-beat bride, well for the off-beat groom, channel your inner Rock n’ Roll and pair skinny dress pants with a button-up shirt. For something a little extra, wear a vintage or leather jacket instead of a traditional suit coat. It’s sure to be a crowd pleaser.

casual groomswear________P I NSite Image

Eszti & Matt’s Wedding in Ocean City, Maryland 

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